Friday, 8 January 2010

Eloïse (2009)


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 Eloïse (2009) mkv-dvdrip Spanish(18+)






Diana Gómez ... Àsia
Ariadna Cabrol ... Eloïse
Laura Conejero ... La Mare
Bernat Saumell ... Nathaniel

Look at those beautiful shots. This is why nudity in movies is so much better than porn. Anyone with a camera (or a cellphone) can film naked women but it takes an eye for aesthetics to successfully capture the beauty of the female nude.Eloïse (2009) is a new Spanish movie about two beautiful young girls who, to the detriment of straight men the world over, discover that they share the same eating habit: they both like to dine at the Y.
Not much information to be found about this movie. I am not familiar with the work of director Jesús Garay either. But Eloïse (2009) has a beautiful look going for it, plus very attractive and very exposed young lead actresses. So go ahead and check it out of if this kind of movies is up your alley.

Eloïse  Part1

Eloïse  Part2

Eloïse  Part3

Eloïse  Part4

Eloïse  Part5

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